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Gostilna Pri Lojzetu - naslovna fotka


The restaurant has been first mentioned in 1897 as a restaurant for carters. At that time the restaurant was led by Mrs. Mici, Katjas grandmother, and her husband Lojze.

Kdo smo Mici

Their son Lojze took the restaurant managing over together with his wife Valerija who had been schooling in monastery cooking school before Second World War and had to prepare six local meals for her final exam.

Kdo smo Valerija

"This tradition has been successfully turned over to her daughter Katja Kavčič. Katja nourished Vipava cuisine and raised it to the highest level of Slovenia's restaurants already a decade ago.  

Kdo smo 1964

Everybody who at that time ate in the village Dornberg at the restaurant "Pri Lojzetu" became renewed as far as gastronomy and wine selection was concerned. But besides harmonic and sophisticated flavours of Vipava Katja added something unique to the meals: her soul.


The baton was passed to Tomaž Kavčič from his mother. Tomaž is a poet of flavours, cooking technologies and top ingredients. Along his immense knowledge he never forgets Vipavska dolina that is always present in his cooking. Tomaž, his friends call him Tomi, also adds to his meals something he inherited from his mother and grandmother: the soul.

Kdo smo Katja

The restaurant "Pri Lojzetu" has been for more than a decade dwelling in Zemono Manor House and offering unique cuisine. Listing the meals would not have any sense. It is important that Tomi takes care of fresh ingredients regarding the season and purity of flavours that is obvious. Preparation techniques vary from entirely simple and traditional to innovative and completely original developed by Tomi."

Kdo smoTomaž



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